My diary 全部英語で書くぞ!

Because I wanted to learn English continuously, I began this web log.

The reason why I began this web log

Because I wanted to learn English continuously, I began this web log.
It is difficult to continue for me, if there is not a reason.

And, I want to be able to communicate with foreigner as much as possible.




Buena Suerte!

Hmmm, I thought I submitted a comment, but it did not show up. I got an error message saying too much access at this time. If you see another comment with the same titile as this one, please delete it.

Well, I admire you! I cannot keep diary even in Japanese unless it affects my grades. Fortunately and sadly, those days have been over loooooong time ago.

Hope your son had a nice birthday!

Connie | URL | 2008年09月13日(Sat)08:39 [EDIT]

Thanks for your comment!

How are you?

In case of only English's comment, I feel the comment is judged spam.
If you add Japanese word as this case, maybe it is okay.

Unfortunately, I sometimes have to use English in my office from last year.
As you know, I am not good at speaking English and hearing English.
Even if I continue this diary, it is difficult for me.
At first, I wrote this diary everyday.
However, I write it one time per week now.
I want to write it as much as possible.

My son is fine. He is eight year old. Thank you very much!

I always wish your success.

ebato | URL | 2008年09月14日(Sun)01:56 [EDIT]