My diary 全部英語で書くぞ!

Because I wanted to learn English continuously, I began this web log.

Earthquake in Japan

Last Friday, very big earthquake occurred in Japan.
Scale of an earthquake was 7 in Miyagi.

I was in Kawasaki.
The scale of an earthquake was 5 lower.

I and my family are very fine!

The trains have stopped last Friday.
So I have walked for a long time from office to my home.
It was nearly 5 hours.

Tsunami was no problem in Kawasaki,Yokohama and Tokyo.
Today, almost trains are OK now.
I use Keikyu-line.
We started our work from today's afternoon.

Yesterday, Kawasaki office was off. Almost JR-line was stopped.

30minutes ago, another earthquake occurred !
Scale of an earthquake is 6 in Shizuoka.
I was surprised again.

Even if this situations, I believe that Japan will recover fast !