My diary 全部英語で書くぞ!

Because I wanted to learn English continuously, I began this web log.


I can not understand English which foreigner speak.
I am not good at hearing.

As for speaking, I can speak English a little.

Though I was good at communicating with foreigner by English E-mail than two year ago, hearing & speaking are not easy for me.

What is the good method for improving?
I go to travel to another country...
However, I don't have passport now...



Grilled meat and Sake

I ate grilled meat with Germany yesterday.
And, I also drunk at bar.
Of course, Sake was Hakkaisan.

Today, I explained to him about my work contents about 30minutes.
I thought that I am not good at hearing...


tomorrow morning...

I was very tired.
I got up at 10:30 today,yesterday and two days ago.
Tomorrow morning, it is difficult for me to get up early...


Direct message from Yoko Ono-san

I got direct message from Yoko Ono-san.

Twitter is wonderful!

However, She does not follow me. So, I can not reply.
I write below.

Hello Yoko Ono-san,

Thanks for direct message.
I was very glad.
I also hope peace of the world!

Best regards,


Sushi with Germany

I went to my office because I had some very important works today.

After working, I ate Sushi with foreigner today.
One man was Germany who came to Japan last Wednesday.
He will stay in Japan two weeks for helping our work.
He is very tall man.

Another four persons were Japanese.

I was tired this two weeks.
In addition, I have drunk sake, distilled spirit...
So, I was very sleepy.

In spite of my bad status, I was very happy time.
Though it is a little, I spoke some English.
It is very difficult to find the words I want to say.

His hobby are cycling, ski, and sailing.
He is forty years old.

This two months, I wrote many E-mail by English.
If I use conversion soft from Japanese to English, it is not difficult.

However, I am not good at listening English.
I think it is necessary for me to improve it.
However, it is very difficult...

He will go to Kamakura alone tomorrow.
And he has a girl friend in Germany.
He said to me that he is not lonely now.

When we came back to home, I said to him.
"Have a nice weekend! Good bye!"