My diary 全部英語で書くぞ!

Because I wanted to learn English continuously, I began this web log.


I went to Niigata Prefecture with my family on last Friday.
We were very happy because it snowed hard in spite of End of March.

My son played the sleigh.
He was very enjoying.
And though he challenged ski, he fell down and could not get up.
He advanced 3m only one time.

I and my wife were skiing a little.
Our last ski playing was ten years ago.

I drank Hakkaisan at dinner.
It was very delicious.
So I bought Hakkaisan at Echigo Yuzawa station next day.

We want to go to Niigata Prefecture next year, too.



Akarenga-souko in Yokohama City

I first visited Akarenga-souko in Yokohama City with my family last Saturday.

Thease are the photographs taken with my digital camera.


short movie of my home's marine fish

I have increased my home's fishes a little.
This is yesterday's short movie.



The snow was falling a little on my way home.
The snow may accumulate tomorrow.


Yokohama chinatown

This Saturday, I went to Yokohama chinatown with my family,

It was very delicious, and I was very satisfied.
Then, we went to Yamashita park, and we enjoyed ourselves.