My diary 全部英語で書くぞ!

Because I wanted to learn English continuously, I began this web log.

Roppongi hills

I went to Roppongi hills with my family today.
And we went to observatory of the building.

The aquarium was very beautiful.
These are a lot of anemone fish.



32 type liquid crystal television

Because my home's reception is too bad, I decided to buy a liquid crystal television.
I had to buy new one because I bought the TV 12 years before.

New model which I buy is 32C3800 of Toshiba.
It is 32 type.
And it is high-quality simple model which used full HD panel.
1920×1080 dots ( about 2,070,000 pixels )

Though the sale began 16th March, it is first 32 type Full HD model.
However it is not 120 Hz double speed drive.

Because I have ordered it at YODOBASHI CAMERA online shop, I think it was quite inexpensive.

explanation of TOSHIBA 32C3800


motion pictures of my home's sea fish

These are short motion pictures of my home's sea fish.


French Angelfish

This is my home's new fish.
I bought it Kamata's shop.
This fish came from Brazil.

if the fish become adult, the size will be 40cm.
It is very large!


only English's comment is NG

In case of only English's comment, it is NG.
Maybe I feel the comment is judged spam.
If you add Japanese word, it's okay.

That is, I think foreigner can not write comment in this web log .


bicolor sea fish

This bicolor sea fish is fine health condition!
Currently, I'm happy!


not get enough sleep

This evening, I slept after dinner,too.
And, maybe I will not be able to sleep easily this night.
This trend is increasing.

Though I think it is no good, I can not change it.


strange dream

I saw strange dream this morning.
Then I woke up early for the reason.
I have to go to bed early this night.