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Because I wanted to learn English continuously, I began this web log.




World cup of football

On midnight of 24/June/2010, of course, I was watching the match game at real time by Television.
It was very nice game for Japan.
And I was very surprised by Japan's victory.
Because I did not expect against this Japan's team one month ago.

Now, I am very happy to surprise world's people.
Of course, I think Japan's team had some lucky points.



The Japanese national soccer team can go to World Cup.

Today, the Japanese national soccer team won Uzbekistan.
So The team can go to south Africa.
I'm very happy!

Japan has become the first country to be able to go to football's 2010 World Cup.


Olympic members of football

The selected player of football Olympic was decided.
Some players are Japanese National team members, too.

The side player is good!
I hope to do your best to FW players.


football and Japanese team

I like football and Japanese team very much.

I went to Nissan stadium on 2nd June.

The game was Japan versus Oman.

As for the game's result, Japan won at 3-0.

Nakazawa, Syunsuke Nakamura, and Okubo scored a goal!

I link short video that takes only 6 seconds.
It is Nakazawa's goal by his head.
As far as I know, I think he is best DF player in Japan now.